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Video Shows NYPD pinning down homeless man and then repeatedly punch him in the face.

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

 A video posted via online media shows a NYPD official more than once punching a man as he's held down on the ground at the South Ferry tram station. The episode occurred during a capture on Tuesday. 

The NYPD posted an almost 3-minute video via online media that Transit Chief Kathleen O'Reilly said ought to be seen "prior to condemning." The video—taken from various points with text superimposed—shows the man, recognized as Alex Lowery, being accompanied by two officials out of the station for supposedly smoking a cigarette on the stage. As they climb the steps, Lowery takes off. 

Police then, at that point, make up for lost time to Lowery and a battle follows. As indicated by the NYPD's record, the episode heightened after Lowery spat and head-butted one of the officials, however the recordings don't show that. One of the recordings taken from an observation camera shows an official and Lowery tumbling down the steps and back to the stage. As the two battle on the floor, another point shows the official managing a few hits to Lowery. 

The video then, at that point, slices to one more video taken from a rider that was posted via online media, showing three officials holding down Lowery as the official keeps punching him. Riders can be heard panting as officials request Lowery to coordinate.

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