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McDonald's Worker Fired for Refusing to Serve Paramedics: 'We Don't Serve Your Kind Here'

Thursday, 21 October 2021


McDonald's specialist has been terminated after purportedly declining to serve a paramedics wearing full uniform since staff "don't serve identifications." 

Sunstar paramedic Anthony Quinn said the cheap food specialist in Madeira Beach, Florida, wouldn't serve him and his associate in the wake of telling the two of them that "we don't serve your sort here." 

Quinn examined the episode in a post on Facebook. "I stroll into McDonald's simply to utilize the washroom and a representative goes we don't acknowledge officials in here," he composed. 

"I tell her I'm not an official. She then, at that point, says anybody with an identification. Then, at that point, says it to my accomplice as he strolls in to arrange food, says we don't serve your sort here. 

"Simply crazy how individuals are," Quinn added. 

Caspers, the organization which runs the Madeira Beach Mcdonald's, apologized to the paramedic for the representative's activities and said they have since been terminated. 

"We know about the heartbreaking occurrence that occurred at one of our eateries the previous evening. We, similar to you, were disturbed and baffled and made a prompt move," a representative told ABC Action News. "The representative has been ended. What happened doesn't mirror the upsides of our image, our establishment, or the adoration and appreciation we have shown reliably for our companions in law authorization and people on call. We have connected with bring to the table our sincerest expression of remorse."

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