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U.S. and allied forcess in Afghanistan are dropping bombs at a record pace in the 18-year-long war.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

U.S. and allied forces are dropping bombs and terminating rockets at extremist focuses at a record pace in the 18-year-long war.
The spike in capability harmonizes with a Trump organization arrangement, dating to 2016, that gives military administrators more prominent position to assault Taliban and Islamic State activists in Afghanistan.
"The rationale is that the Taliban might be bound to consent to a harmony bargain satisfactory to the United States and the Afghan government if the Taliban accept they can't
"Thusly, airstrikes and ground activities are an approach to raise the expenses for the Taliban of proceeding to battle,"
Trump suspended harmony talks in September after the Taliban asserted credit for an assault in Kabul that executed a U.S. fighter.