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Easterbrook will get generally $650,000 after been sacked from MCDONALD'S

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

The expelled director will be allowed to keep $23.5m in venture openings and may benefit by grants of constrained offers related to McDonald's introduction worth around $13.8m, according to figurings by Bloomberg.

Easterbrook will similarly be equipped for a reward for his work completed in this money related year if the association hits its presentation goals, despite a half year of severance pay as a segment of his end understanding.

"In thought for benefits, Mr. Easterbrook has agreed to an appearance of cases for the association," McDonald's accounted for in a regulatory reporting.
Easterbrook will get for the most part $650,000 in severance pay following a half year, considering his 2018 compensation of $1.35m. He will in like manner be equipped for eighteen months of medicinal favorable circumstances.

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