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Be ready for films made by Kojima productions

Tuesday, 5 November 2019
a close-up of a sad-looking man (Mads Mikkelsen) seen through an orange haze in Death Stranding
Downfall Stranding is so far a few days from release, yet that didn't stop Hideo Kojima, the game's official, from demonstrating what he could do straightaway. As an element of a BBC account on the making of the game, the astonishing game maker said that his studio, Kojima Productions, will start making films later on.

"In case you can achieve one thing incredible, you can do everything honorably," Kojima jokes in the story.
He continues to explain his theory that later on, games will move to spilling, something that doesn't sound too far away at the present time. Kojima says that when that is the circumstance games, games should match films and performance, since they'll all devour a comparable space in our lives on our phone or tablet screens. Kojima thinks this will provoke an absolutely new kind of game, one that he's anxious to make.

Concerning Death Stranding itself, it starting at now seems to cloud the lines among movies and games, at any rate by standard game checks. Notwithstanding whether this kind of a mutt is what Kojima suggests when he implies films, or in case he needs his studio to make authentic motion pictures isn't in reality clear. However, anything that Kojima's next game plan is it's sure to be ... very anomalous.

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